Jewellery Care

Joseph Lamsin Jewellery is made to be worn day in day out, to be enjoyed and cherished without the need to be over precious with it. A lot of the pieces my family and I wear are worn at all times, from swimming in the sea to gardening and other activities. Sometimes the metal can change appearance, but the beauty of items that are warn all the time (especially rings) is that they refinish / polish themselves again over time.

If however you are somebody that wants to prevent any discolouration, wear and tear, or are just wanting some pointers in keeping your items in tip top condition, please see some guidelines below.

If you have any worries or would like me to take a look at your jewellery for more advice, or for me to refinish an item for you, please get in contact using the form below.

I also offer a five year guarantee on all items, for that extra peace of mind.

Care Guidelines

Over time silver can become discoloured due to tarnishing, the gold vermeil can fade with wear, and solid gold items can take on a more matt finish. To keep your jewellery clean and bright you can do the following:

Avoid wearing jewellery when cleaning and gardening, or doing anything physical which could cause wear and tear. Hot weather and perspiration can also cause tarnishing.

Don't let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume and hairspray.

Remove jewellery before showering or bathing, and avoid swimming in your jewellery. Chlorine in swimming pools and saltwater can cause damage to the finish.

Cleaning & Storing

To clean your jewellery use a soft jewellery polishing cloth. Jewellery cleaning liquid can also be very effective, but always carefully follow the manufacturers instructions.

When your jewellery is not being worn store it in an air tight pouch or container, keeping items separated to avoid scratching or getting tangled up. Always make sure your jewellery is completely dry before putting away.

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